every gurls have there own Herstory, but me?? i fight for it.
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August 25, 2011

biarkan aku lupa atau aku akan benci?

kenapa mesti ada duka dalam setiap tawa..
kenapa ada tangis bila senyum itu baru diberi.
kenapa datang mendung saat plangi muncul.
kenapa ada kau dalam aku...

thanks for everything.. aku akan sangat-sangat hargai.


  1. whatever is ur decision.go for it if u think it was the best final decision..u know more than others.because whatever happened in ur love story only u and him know.....i'm always here beside u.be strong...dont u ever give up to love other person that will come in ur life..


  2. yes..thanks syg..i know u always by my side..:)


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