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November 01, 2011

im not ur PRINCESS anymore

Im not a perfect girl,
And you had not been good enough.

Yes i admit that i miss you so much,
I miss everything bout you and me before,
I miss everytime we have together..

But when im with you..

You always make me mad,
You always make me sad,
You break my heart.

Dont you know that it so hurt.
And i cant take it anymore.
Im not so strong, like you see me before.

You tell me that i have to change.
Change my atitude. change everything bout me.
But when im change, i lost my self.

I lost that the one love you.
I lost that the one miss you.
I lost that the one promise you.
That is the really what you want from me?

But you dont have to change.
I dont want the new of you.
I just love you to be you self.
Coz i know you are the one that i love most.
Doesnt matter if you give other girls to be your princess.

I still love you.!!

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